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15 Steps To Kickstart Solo Ads Business To $3k+ Per Month Within 60 Days

#1: Open Aweber account

To start building your Solo Ads business, you will need some tools.

The main tool you’ll need is Autoresponder.

Autoresponder is software that we’ll use to collect emails and send broadcasts to those emails. It’s essential to make all this work.

The best one at the moment is Aweber (one of the best inboxing rates. Not many good AR’s allow online marketing, make money online and similar offers to be sent through their services).


#2: Open tracking account

Tracking is extremely important. You must track all of your traffic, incoming and outgoing. You must understand how it works because tracking will be your tool to make your results better.

Now, the most popular tracking tool is Clickmagick, and honestly, I haven’t used any other for a long time. Clickmagick has all I need and it works great. Later, I will show you how to setup all the rotators and follow everything.

You can try Clickmagick for 2 weeks free of charge using this link.

You will use clickmagick for:

  • Rotators
  • Split testing
  • Engagement
  • Sold clicks
  • Bought Clicks
  • Sales

The important thing to remember is that most solo ads don’t make you immediate money, at least in the first weeks.   It will, after all the list building exercise.


#3: Open Clickfunnels account or Instabuilder

A funnel is a powerful marketing approach implemented through a series of pages designed to engage prospects to perform an action that would eventually lead to a conversion. However, building the pages would require a tedious job especially if you are planning to build a series of 5 pages for instance.

I would recommend Instabuilder if you are on a budget. It’s much cheaper than Optimize Press – $77 to start with – one time.

Optimize press is similar but much more expensive.

With the PRO version of InstaBuilder 2.0, creating funnels has never been this fast and easy. All it takes are just but few clicks and all your funnel pages are ready for you to edit and publish.

You will also need tools to make squeeze pages and other pages of your funnel. You can do them alone in HTML, but it will take too much time and I wouldn’t recommend it. This is especially because you will need to test many pages to find the best ones, and if you start manually, you will lose too much precious time.

I use Clickfunnels in combination with few HTML pages that I made in Dreamweaver.  Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) HTML tool. A free alternative is Kompozer.

The advantage of using Clickfunnels is that you can make all the pages you need in few minutes, connect them with your autoresponder and you’re good to go.

The disadvantage is that you must pay $37 per month and you are limited to a number of funnels you can have (5), 20 pages and much more clicks.

Alternatives are Leadpages – they work similarly as Clickfunnels.


#4: Create a free gift for your subscribers

Free gifts create goodwill, and people love to share free stuff with their friends and followers on social media.

You’re not demanding that people should stay on your website to read and access the free gifts. Regularly creating free contents keeps you familiar with the act of being a creator.

You will need a free gift, as a sort of bait, to attract visitors to your squeeze page, so that they enter their email and become your subscribers in exchange for that gift.

That gift is usually a PDF eBook, but it can also be a video, webinar, plugin, email course… Or a combination of all of this. To make it simple and fast, a PDF report will be more than enough.

It’s enough to grab some low-end PLR products to create your gift, but I’d recommend to spend an hour or two and make it of better quality. If you want your subscribers to believe you, to open and click on your emails, this report and emails are the most important things you can do to achieve that.

It’s simple, just take one good PLR eBook and make it better. Add your name, change links to affiliate links, and also make sure your book has some value for your subscribers.

If you can brand that report to yourself, it would be great. Change the logo, name, and add some more content (maybe connect 2,3 different products). This will help a lot, especially when you start to bring traffic to your squeeze page – you want to give your visitors value, you want them to remember and open your emails.

Here are 2 websites where you can find good PLR products. If you don’t find something useful, use google and you will find many more similar sites:

Master Resell Rights – $19.97 per month

Download PLR Products – join for $1 – 5 days – you can cancel after 5 days


#5: Create a squeeze page and connect it with your Aweber account

Whatever tool you have, you will build your squeeze page from a template. You need to change the text and connect it with your autoresponder.

This is an example of a squeeze (optin) page. As you can notice, the most important thing is to catch the attention and curiosity of your visitors. Test different backgrounds and text and find a winner. You should get minimum 40% optin rate – meaning from 100 visitors, 40 will enter their email.

But, you shouldn’t be happy with those results – aim to 50% or higher optin rate!

After some time, you will get a feeling what works and what doesn’t. For this type of pages, things that usually help to get higher rates are words such as “free, money, fast” and synonyms. To learn more, you should work on your copywriting skills, read emails from your competition and test!


#6: Create a ‘Thank you’ page

This page you will call yourpage.com/thankyou1.html.

Your thank you page is a great place to show your social proof through promoting your affiliate programs to demonstrate how many companies believe in your product or niche and enjoy working with you.

What you want to do is produce as many as possible clicks out from it, and you can also give a link to your free gift. Usually, I create a second thank you page where I add few more generic links and link to the gift, or even better, give them the gift in the first autoresponder email.

Therefore, you will say thanks for subscribing and let them know that a link to a free report will be in their mailbox in few minutes. Also, recommend them few free bonuses.

Here, you should apply the same rule to your squeeze pages’ text – use catchy sentences that talk about making money, free and fast. Also, words like ‘special, bonus’ and similar work the best.


#7: Add tracking pixel to your ‘thank you’ page

We want to know the exact number of people who enter their email for every traffic source.

There are two reasons for that – we want to know which of our squeeze pages works best and we want to know which traffic sources are the best for us.

To do this, on the thank you page, you will add tracking code (provided by clickmagick).

It looks something like this:

<img src=”http://www.clkmg.com/api/a/pixel/?uid=*****&att=2&ref=” height=”1″ width=”1″ />

In clickmagick, find your Action Tracking Pixel and add that code to your thank you page. You add it one time and that’s it. It will track all your traffic and you will be able to see your optin rate for every link you create for each traffic source.


#8: Test everything

Test – it’s one of the most important things in this business – change your pages, see what is happening, test traffic sources and check your numbers.

Test CPA offers and see how much they make you per click. When you find good ones, move them on top and send most of the traffic there.

If you see some that perform even better, you can forward some main traffic there and stop selling…

There are really lots of options!

As I mentioned before, it’s so important to know all your numbers. Optin rate, anything under 35% is bad – I aim for 40-60% or higher.



#9: Start building your list for free with clickbanking

We all know how important money is when you are just starting your online business. Money is required for everything and saving some, here or there is always a good idea. Clickbanking might be the biggest saver when it comes to list building and lead generation. Saving money when building your list really helps you in the future.

The easiest way to build your list and get traffic is clickbanking.

Clickbanking is a way to exchange traffic. You need to find a clickbanking partner. You agree how many clicks you will bank, you agree about T1% (T1 – 5 main countries – US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ) minimum and who will send first.

You set up a link to your rotator and send traffic to your clickbanking partner if you are the one who send first or you wait for him to send traffic. There are few rules about it, but the most important one is to send clicks back in 1 week. It’s not polite to make it much longer (a few days more is fine if you inform your partner about it).

If you are sending first, you can be more flexible, but still, it’s not ok to send those clicks for months…

There are many Facebook groups where you can find clickbanking partners. There are hundreds, maybe more people that use this method.

Clicks you send will be from your funnel (but not exit popup), from your thank you pages, emails, your free report, etc…

When you are starting, you will be asked about testimonials. So when you are starting, it will be a little harder. You won’t have testimonials, there are many scammers out there and people are very careful with new people, because most of those people had some bad experience, and they want to make sure you won’t cheat them.

How to start? You should find at least 3, 4 clickbanking partners who will send first 50-100 clicks, and the same number who will send back. Be sincere, say that you are just starting, that you are going through my course and that you need little help.  You can also buy 100 or more clicks, to make things easier and faster – if you do that, mention that also!

For me, Click Banking is a success. You will get free leads, but also you’ll have a place where you can send clicks from your broadcasts and it will never be wasted. I think every entrepreneur building a list should include clickbanking in their business models.


#10: Start emailing to your list

There are two types of email you can send in Aweber:

  1. Broadcast
  2. Follow-ups

I talked about follow-up sequence in module 3.

Those are automatic emails to your subscribers after they sign up.

The second option you have is to send a broadcast. This is emails that you send to all your list or segments of a list.

If you have a follow-up sequence of 7 emails, you should segment your list in a way that your broadcast is sent only to those who finished receiving follow up sequence. So it‘s usually a segment of your list that signed up before 7 days or more.

Types of emails you should send

1. Generic emails

Those are emails that you write to produce as many clicks as possible. This is some kind of science and you will need to learn about copywriting and have experienced what your list likes to click on.

Also, you should optin to other people’s list and see what type of emails they send. Don’t copy them, but use as a model for your emails.

2. Content & Affiliate promos

If you want to sell your emails or promote CPA offers, you can use emails from those offers. However, you should make some changes, and there are few reasons for that. If everybody sends the same emails, your deliverability will be lower, and if you do that all the time, you will have less opens; fewer clicks equals less money.


#11: Sell clicks from your list

So actually this part is the main idea of profiting from Perpetual Profit Formula.

As I explained to you before, when you set it all up like I showed in this guide, you will have lots of extra clicks to send from your clickbanking that are left because of the way your funnel is set up.

That’s why you should always search for ways to bring more (Free) traffic to your funnel.

This method with free traffic is, of course, best if you don’t want to invest. But as time goes by, you will see that it’s faster and easier to use paid traffic, especially when you will be able to find good offers that make you money or when you will be able to reinvest money made selling clicks.

So here are few ways to get free or cheap traffic to it:

1) Forum comments

Find blogs and forums similar to the niche you are targeting, and join them, and then add a link to your squeeze page in your signature and comment. You will be surprised how easy it is to get some nice amount of traffic this way.

2) Blog comments

This is one easy way on how to find blogs where you can comment:

inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “INTERNET MARKETING”

3) Solo Ads

I know I mentioned them before, but they are one of the best ways to build your list, especially if you use Money Funnel and you optimize it correctly.

4) Youtube

You will make useful videos, 2-3 minutes short and rank them for some of the keywords you choose. Making and ranking videos is easier than you think. I will give you my Youtube Rank Blueprint if you buy upsell to this course and teach you how to implement it properly.

5) Slideshare

Slide share is a social media website where you can upload and share your presentations. You will make your presentation with useful content to your targeted audience – insert link and call to action on the last slide because links are not allowed in description), upload it to SlideShare and share on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter). This shares will help you rank higher.

Also, it will help if you share your SlideShare presentation on your blog.

6) Make free wso / info products


#13: $3k month

If you really want to make money! Solo Ads won’t make you rich but it can make you money a minimum $3k a month.

You need a capital money!

You need some money to purchase the tools like Autoresponder, Tracker, and Landing page. And minimum $500-$1000 to buy some traffic. Don’t worry, You will recover this money 5-10x your money once you start selling traffic.

You must join a CPA network with a PPL offers. This will be used in your funnel so you can recover 50%-70% of your money upfront. Then build a landing page using the Instabuilder or OP.  Create an AR account and link your Landing page and you will also need to create a follow-up sequence with a minimum 7 emails.

You can get traffic from other traffic sellers on Facebook and at the same time you can set up adswaps with the other trusted traffic providers which you can find them on Facebook. You can swap 200-500 clicks per week using the number of your list and that will give you more subscribers and some extra money from your PPL offer.

When you have a list of 5k subscribers you can now start selling traffic and set up more swaps. You can also use other peoples money to grow your business at this point. you can get booked 1-2 weeks prior so you can use that money to but more traffic and grow your list.

You can do this within 30 days and recover your initial investment.

Once you have minimum 10-15k leads you will have a $3k or more a month business.


#14: Improve

Also, engagement number will show you for every visitor did he click on links out – if zero, then there is a  99% chance that traffic you received was fake! Go to clickmagick and learn how to setup engagement tracker!!!

Here is some suggestion on how to improve your results:

  1. Test squeeze pages
  2. Thank you page – link text, images – keep best and add new
  3. Follow up emails – how many clicks?

Make all of this a little better, and you will practically multiply the number of clicks out. If your optin rate goes up, more people will see your thank you page and email, more clicks will be produced to sell or to send to your clickbanking partners and you will grow your list and make money faster.


#15: Learn from the best

This is something you should always have in mind. It’s impossible to grow your business by yourself. Think about what you can outsource and do it!

Find someone who will do things part-time for you, or full time- for $300 – $400, you can find quality people to do it. Here are few websites:





This short guide is proven to work and it will make you $3k per month if you follow it!

But, if you want to learn much more and get to those $10k+ months FAST, please take a look at this video from a 7-Figure Digital Marketer

I’m recommending this and I stand behind it 100%. In case you decide to join, contact me at kklukovic@gmail.com and I’ll add a gift for you that will help you add turbo-charge to your new business – total value $650!

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